CastlePop is a POP3 compatible email program, which gives you...

CastlePop is a POP3 compatible email program, which gives you complete control over your incoming email. Manage any number of POP3 accounts from a single interface.

CastlePop even allows you to create different groups of accounts and check whole groups of accounts at one time. CastlePop checks for email automatically on a schedule that you define.

When CastlePop detects that there is email in any of the checked accounts, it can notify you both visually, with a message, and with a sound.

If CastlePop is currently minimized to the system tray then the tray icon will also change to let you know that email is waiting. Of course, CastlePop also allows you to check your email accounts on demand; you don't have to wait for the next scheduled automatic check.

As well as notifying you when mail is available in your mailbox(es), CastlePop also helps you with the security of your PC and helps you fight against spam.

CastlePop allows you to preview and delete messages that you do not want to actually download to your computer, without needing to have your regular email program running.

CastlePop allows you to determine which emails to let your normal email client handle. Because CastlePop deliberately does not process scripts, attachments or HTML in email, you are in no danger of opening viruses and web bugs.

CastlePop gives you the ability to remove spam before it gets to your computer and before any web bugs in the email confirm your email address to the spammer that sent the email.

CastlePop lets you delete unwanted emails directly on the server. They will never reach your computer and therefore cannot cause any damage on your computer.

This can also help you to save bandwidth by not downloading large emails which you do not want to view. CastlePop can be started automatically when Windows starts and can be minimized to the system tray to keep it out of the way while you work.